How do you make an inventory of personal property when it’s all gone?

People across the country are forced to endure many disasters both man-made and natural. These unforeseen events such as wild fires, hurricanes, tornados, and burglaries cause them to lose property and houses. People who have lost their homes and have been displaced by disasters suffer nightmarish consequences especially if they did not have property insurance. The few weeks following massive loss of property require a lot of patience and resilience.

One question that people often ask after disaster strikes is about their property. Loss of personal property is not frequently spoken of after a disaster but it is one of the hardest problems to deal with. Most of the times disaster strikes when it is least expected and a good number of people do not have a proper inventory of their personal property when it gets destroyed. This makes it difficult to deal with the property insurance company.

Natural disasters such as tornados are particularly hard on victims because they leave nothing standing. Houses get shredded into pieces and what is usually left is a concrete slab and nothing much else. Insurance adjusters that come to the scene make it clear that for you to be compensated; you must have a list of all your belongings, their detailed description, replacement cost, and supporting documents. How can you make such a list when there is nothing left to inspect?

When you are trying to create an inventory of your personal belongings from memory, it might be very difficult. What you need is a clear frame of mind, a lot of time, and adequate support. Most of these are in short supply especially after a disaster. The first thing you should do is to visualize each room and make a list of items on a room-by-room basis. If your memory is foggy, ask friends and family members about what they remember about your house. It would be great if you get pictures that were taken inside the destroyed property to act as proof of your inventory.

Of course you cannot get everything right but for the sake of your property insurance you must be as accurate as possible. This is because there is a thin line between forgetfulness and fraud. There are many resources you can find on the internet such as forms that can help you to remember what you used to own. You should also find stories of people who went through a similar ordeal. More often than not you will get important tips that can help you to cope with the situation.

The biggest challenge when it comes to identifying what you have lost is time. Many insurance companies have time restrictions on when a person can make claims after suffering loss as a result of any insured risk. However, no matter what insurance companies say, you should keep a cool head. This is because if you develop the mentality that you are in a rush, you might forget to include some important items which will not get replaced.